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Vision of the Graduate

The Vision of the Graduate articulates the community’s and school district’s aspirations for each student. By outlining the specific attitudes, dispositions and skills, the Vision of the Graduate identifies desired outcomes for students who graduate from the West Hartford Public Schools.

Problem Solving & Creativity
featuring Charter Oak International Academy and
Sedgwick Middle School

Inquiry and Critical Thinking
featuring Duffy Elementary School and
Smith STEM Elementary School

Effective Communication
featuring Aiken Elementary School and
Webster Hill Elementary School

featuring Whiting Lane Elementary School, Braeburn Elementary School and
Conard High School

Determination and Self-Efficacy
featuring Bugbee Elementary School and King Philip Middle School

Honor & Integrity
featuring Wolcott Elementary School and
Sedgwick Middle School

Respect for Self & Others
featuring Norfeldt Elementary School and
Hall High School

Curiosity and Love of Learning
featuring Morley Elementary School and
Bristow Middle School

vision of the graduate
vision of the graduate
vision of the graduate
vision of the graduate