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Support Services

Student Success Planning Team (SSPT) Rationale:

To provide additional support when needed, so that all students have the opportunity to successfully meet their academic, social/emotional, and physical potential at Conard High School.  

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The SST collaboratively assesses the individual needs of struggling learners,  identifies appropriate supports, oversees the implementation of intervention plans, and monitors progress towards student success.

The Student Success Team (SST)

This team comprised of Academic Service Providers (teachers and academic interventionists), Student Support Providers (school counselors, nurse, pupil services personnel, and community agency representatives), and Administrators - meets weekly to review new referrals, implement appropriate interventions, measure the effectiveness of those interventions, and address trends in the school community.  Students are generally referred to the SST by school counselors, but can be referred by teachers, parents/guardians, or other staff with concerns about school performance, attendance, substance abuse and social issues.

Planning and Placement Team (PPT)

This team, comprised of the parent, special education teacher, classroom teacher, school counselor, appropriate related service staff members, and administrator, works with students referred by their parents/guardians, a teacher, or the principal. Once referred, this team of specialists assesses children’s needs and if a student if found eligible under IDEA, provides specialized instruction to meet individual student these needs in the classroom, in special classes, or in a resource room setting.

Pupil Services

Additional Student Support Services