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School Enrollment

In accordance with Connecticut State Law and Town of West Hartford policy, a health assessment is required prior to public school enrollment and in grades PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, 3, 6, and 10. A physical examination includes height, weight and blood pressure; hematocrit/hemoglobin lab studies; vision, hearing, speech and gross dental screenings; updating of immunizations and chronic disease assessment. The health assessment information must be on the State of Connecticut Department of Health Assessment Record (form HAR-3).

Pre-School Health Assessment Record

Immunization Requirements for school attendance as per Connecticut state regulations for entry into PreKindergarten.

State of Connecticut Health Assessment Record Form

Immunization Requirements for school attendance as per Connecticut state regulations for entry into Kindergarten and grade 6. 

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School Policies

Medical Alert Notification

In order to best meet your child’s health and educational needs in school please inform the school nurse of any health related issues or any current medications.  The school staff working with your child will be notified in a confidential manner and adequate allowances will be made.

It is very important that the school be notified of any change in emergency numbers.

Medication Administration in School                       

Every effort should be made to have any medications given at home.  If this is not possible, remember that ALL medications, including non-prescription medications (Tylenol and Advil), require written authorization from a doctor and parent.  State law and regulations pertaining to administration of medications in school requires an Authorization Of  Medication By School Personnel form to be completed by a doctor, dentist, or an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. The form must also be signed by a parent/guardian. Medication must be brought to the nurse in the original labeled container with no more than a 45 day supply.  Students may carry some of their own medications per State of Connecticut guidelines with the completed Authorization for Self Administration portion of the form. 


Physical Exam Form

The physical exam form is the same as the health assessment record for K-12. Please be advised, your child will not be allowed to start grade 7 and grade 11 until a completed physical examination done and presented to the nurse’s office.

Immunization Requirements

Husky Insurance Information

Medication Authorization Form

Self-Medication Authorization Form

Food Allergy Management Plan


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