Conard's Late Bus

Inform driver when you board the bus which stop you will use. Stops with no students on board will be eliminated from run. Students riding the late bus are to get off the bus at the stop closest to their home. The late bus is a service provided to all high school students who may need to remain after school for school activities.

Front Entrance, Leaves Conard M. T. TH. F. 4:00; Wed.  3:00 

#1, Assigned to bus #33            

Ridgewood Road at Tunxis Road

Tunxis Road at Brookmoor Road

Brookmoor Road at Cornerstone Drive

Cornerstone Drive at Buena Vista Road

Buena Vista Road at Everett Avenue

Everett Avenue at Farmington Avenue

Farmington Avenue at Old Mill Lane

Old Mill Lane at Mountain Terrace Road

Mountain Terrace Road at Meadow Lane

Meadow Lane at High Farms Road

High Farms Road at Mountain Road

On Mountain Farms Road at The Crossways

Mountain Road at Westmont

Westmont at Cedar Ledge Road

Cedar Ledge Road at Hunter Drive

Hunter Drive at Mountain Road

Fern Street at Willowbrook Road

Willowbrook Road at Braeburn Road

Whitman Avenue at Pleasant Street

On Brunswick Avenue at Whitman Avenue

Pleasant Street at Farmington Avenue

Front Entrance
#2, Assigned to bus #7

On South Main Street at Boulevard

Boulevard at South Quaker Lane

Park Road at Oakwood Ave

South Quaker Lane at Thomas Street

Thomas Street at Oakwood Avenue

Oakwood Avenue at Flatbush Avenue

Flatbush Avenue at South Quaker Lane

South Quaker Lane at New Britain Avenue

On Hillcrest Avenue at Steven Street

On Vanderbilt Avenue at Tolles Street


Transportation Contractor within Town

First Student Inc.
7A Andover Drive
West Hartford, CT 06110
Telephone: 860-953-2030
Yard Manager - Scott Rickard


Transportation Contractor out of Town

Specialty Transportation
34 Hurlburt Street
West Hartford, CT 06110
Telephone: 860-947-2020
Operations Manager - Michael Turner

The Board of Education Transportation office is the liaison between schools, parents and the bus company contracted to provide bus service for our children attending public, private and parochial schools within West Hartford. This office is responsible to oversee the transportation of over 6000 students on school buses, mini school buses, and school transportation vehicles within West Hartford and schools and facilities outside of West Hartford.

West Hartford Public Schools follows the guidelines of the Connecticut State Department of Education which requires transportation be provided to any school age resident attending a West Hartford public, private or parochial school who resides an unreasonable distance from school. Transportation is provided at the following levels: 

  • Elementary (including Kindergarten): 1 mile or more
  • Middle: 1.5 miles or more
  • High: 2 miles or more

Bus Code of Conduct

Please read this important document with information regarding busing. The information should also be discussed with your child(ren).

2019-2020 Daycare Provider Form

This form is used to apply for bus transportation if a student will be going to a daycare provider within your school district and meets the eligibility requirements. The transportation is provided to school, from school or both ways. The students will be assigned to a regular bus stop going to the daycare provider's area. There is no door-to-door assignments. 

Magnet families should contact this office 860-561-6647 for eligibility and Special Needs families should contact the Pupil Services department at 860-561-6601.

Dual Household Form

In cases of dual household both parents must have their address information verified through the Residency office 860-561-6620 before filling out this form. Transportation will be provided within your school district and set up at both locations at scheduled bus stops.

2019-2020 Private and Parochial Form

This form must be provided to this office annually in order to receive transportation to private and parochial schools. Students must meet the eligibility requirements and residency must be verified for any family new to West Hartford or families that do not have a student in the public schools or have never used transportation at the private/parochial school in the past. If the student was in the public school system the previous year and there is no change of address residency verification is not necessary. These forms are time sensitive for routing on the first day of each school year. Please view the form for the date it is due in this office. We do accept requests year round for transportation.

Damaris Torres

Transportation Coordinator

Jennifer Murphy

Lead Secretary