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We challenge and guide our students to be active learners and productive citizens!

# of students: Approximately 1600
Colors: Red/Gray
Mascot: Chieftains
CEEB Code: 070887

Where can students access extra academic help?

Teachers assist with academic issues, study techniques, and extra help in a class.

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Ms. Navarro (writing) and Ms. Kosovo (math) are available M-F, periods 1-8. Students are welcome to stop by the ARC during a study hall, free period or lunch to receive one-to-one academic support. The National Honor Society also provides tutoring. Teachers, counselors, and parents can request a tutor by filling out the National Honor Society Tutor Request form and submitting it to Carrie Hess-Marcoux.

Carrie Hess-Marcoux

Social Studies Teacher
  • Location:  ARC

  • Teacher: Mrs. Maher
  • Hours:  Monday & Thursday 2:15-3:45
  • teacher recommendation needed; guided tutoring
  • Late Bus available 
    • 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    • 3pm short-Wednesdays

Homework Center

  • Location: Library
  • Ms. Kosova
  • Students must have a CHS student ID 
  • independent study hours, computers available 
  • Hours:  Mon-Thurs 2:15-4pm, Weds 1-3pm
  • Late Bus available 
    • 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    • 3pm short-Wednesdays

AP Bootcamp

What is AP Bootcamp?

AP Boot Camp is a program offered for all students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement courses for the next year. College-level courses will prepare them for the next stage of life. Like you, we are committed to preparing your child for the future. The goal of AP Boot Camp is for your student to discuss and develop the skills they will need for success in high school, in college, and beyond. This program is for students that have taken numerous AP courses as well as those who are just starting out. The Boot Camp is not about learning academic content but for developing those attributes that will guarantee success while having fun and building relationships. In addition, this event will allow students to establish bonds with their peers that will promote solidarity in the classroom.

What will the students do during AP Boot Camp?
On Monday, the students will be engaged in team-building activities in groups based on their AP courses. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the students will attend four breakout sessions: test taking strategies, time management and study skills, reading, writing and academic ethics. On Thursday the students will be able to meet with different AP teachers to get a preview of their courses.

When and Where Will AP Boot Camp Take Place?

Why are AP Courses Important?

AP Strategy of the Month

September - 6 Tips for Rocking Your AP Classes
This article has some great strategies for being successful in your AP classes.

October - SOAPSTone: A Strategy for ReadingandWriting
(Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Subject, Tone) is an acronym for a series of questions that students must first ask themselves, and then answer, as they begin to plan their compositions.

November - AP Exam Tips 
Having a few key strategies at your command can boost your confidence going into an Advanced Placement (AP) exam and be crucial to scoring those extra points. This website asked experienced AP teachers to share their strategies to help you prep to maximize your performance on the AP exam.

December - Two Sides of a Coin: Pre-AP Skills and Strategies for Readers
This website focuses on preparing students to meet, greet, and get concrete with challenging texts. It also help students work with texts that are deceptively simple in order to see their complexity.

January - Primary Source Strategies
This website introduces students to using primary source documents and strategies to help students analyze these materials.

February - AP Test-Taking Techniques
While the content of the Advanced Placement tests is very different, the basic format of the tests is very similar. If you concentrate on the similarities among the tests rather than the differences, you will see that there are some basic test-taking techniques that you can put to good use as you study for and take your AP tests.

March - Preparing for the Exams
To help you prepare to do your best on the AP Exam, this website has practice questions and tips for labeling materials and completing exam responses.

April - AP Exam Prep
How to Prepare for an AP Exam

May - 4 Tips for Taking an Advanced Placement Test
This website is a must read the day before you take your AP test.
AP Exam Day Policies

June - How to get started in AP
A checklist so you will know what you can do next.