Grade 12

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Senior FAQs

Letters of Recommendations

Do I request my teacher recommendations through the Common APP?

  • No. You speak directly to your teachers and ask them if they will write a recommendation. You finalize your request with them by completing the request form in Naviance. Do not forget to thank them in writing.

How are my recommendations sent to colleges?

  • Teachers will upload the recommendations to Naviance and submit to the Common APP or directly to schools for non-Common APP schools.

How many recommendations should I ask for?

  • No more than your schools are requesting. Each school’s Admissions Requirements page will state how many is required as well as if you need a school counselor recommendation.
  • You can also reference your Common APP account, listed under the section “Recommenders and FERPA” for each college you add. Here you can find information specific to how many are required and how many additional you can submit.

How do my teachers know where to send my recommendations?

  • You will indicate the colleges you want each teacher to send his/her recommendation to when you complete the recommendation request in Naviance.

How do I know if my letters of recommendation have been sent?

  • You can check your account at each school, in your Common Application, and/or on Naviance.  

Should I use outside recommendations? My coach/employer/neighbor is willing to write one on my behalf?

  • Schools prefer recommendations from academic teachers to outside recommenders. If you do have a recommendation from a coach/employer/neighbor, hold onto it to use as an additional source should you be deferred and want to send additional evidence of your character/achievements/contributions.

Sending Scores

How do my SAT/ACT scores get sent to schools?  

  • You log on to your SAT/ACT account and send them directly. You can self report your scores on the Common APP if you want, but you still have to send your scores officially through the testing website.

Fee Waivers

I am on free/reduced lunch. How will I pay for my college applications?

It is a 3 step process:

  1. You must have completed ‘Addendum A’ (a signed permission slip that is part of the free/reduced lunch application) on file with Mrs. Hickey in the front office permitting your counselor to share your free/reduced lunch status with your colleges.
  2. Click on ‘Common App fee waiver’ on the bottom of the ‘profile’ section on the Common App and then check which situation applies to  you.
  3. Send an email to notify your counselor to approve this fee waiver on Naviance.

1st Quarter Grades, Semester Grades, Final Transcripts

How do I know if it is required to send 1st Quarter grades to my schools?

  • If it is required to send Quarter 1 grades-it will be stated on each of your school’s Admissions Requirements Page.

How do I send my 1st quarter and/or my semester grades?

  • You must complete the paper request form found in the School Counseling department to send your 1st Quarter Grades to colleges. 1st Quarter Grades are not automatically sent. However, your Semester 1 grades will automatically be sent in February to all of the colleges on your active application list.

My college/university is asking for my final transcript to be sent over the summer. How do I ensure that they receive it?

  • As long as your counselor knows what school you have chosen to attend, the transcript will be sent during the summer. You can also indicate your school on Naviance under “College that I am attending.”

Last Revised 9/24/18

Senior Planning Night Presentation

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Senior Worksops

Fall: Common Application Workshop

Winter: FAFSA/Financial Aid Workshop TBD

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FAFSA Website
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Federal Student Aid Website
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Testing Dates

Visit or for more information.

ASVAB - Students should visit the Career Center to see the next available testing date at Conard. The test is offered twice per year in November and February.