Grade 10


  • Get involved!
  • Take your PSATs in October (available for all sophomores).
  • Visit local college fairs. Conard has one in October!
  • Review Progress Reports and strategize how to be successful this year.


  • Review your PSAT Results.
  • Look through the Program of Studies and meet with your counselor for course selection.


  • Prepare for AP Exams and determine whether you should take SAT Subject Tests.
  • Plan for your summer and incorporate some work, academic, social experience.
  • Review your schedule before you leave for the summer. All schedule corrections should occur before the first day of school!


  • Complete summer reading assignments for English and Advanced Placement classes.
  • Do something! Work, volunteer, go to camp, take a summer class, travel, etc.





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Welcome to the Sophomore Workshop Series! You will be attending a three day workshop that will help you identify your interests, explore related careers and understand the opportunities and requirements for training/schooling within that field.

Day 1

Today you will be using the website: My Next Move  to take an interest inventory. The O*NET Interest Profiler will help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. The O*NET Interest Profiler helps you decide what kinds of careers you might want to explore, as well as connects you to information about the many aspects to be considered within each career field.

Step I: My Next Move   

Step II:  Find the “Tell Us What You Like To Do” section and click “Start!”  

Step III: Read the directions for o*NET Interest Profiler and answer all 60 questions.

Step IVComplete the worksheet

Day 2

Today you will be exploring what programs offer the schooling (college/training) required for the particular career(s) you explored. Today we will be using the program Naviance!

Step I: Log into your Naviance account via the CHS website, click “For Students”, then click “Naviance

Step II: Click on the “Colleges” tab.

Step III: In the “Search for Colleges” box type in the name of the school you selected yesterday – or a different one - that offers training in your career.  

Step IV: Using the Naviance summary about the school you are researching complete today's worksheet.

Day 3

The importance of your resume! Today you will be updating and adding to your resume. As a sophomore, you may just be starting to add to your resume for the first time. It is a good opportunity as a sophomore, to reflect on the strengths of your resume as well as where you need to bolster your involvement. Keep in mind, you are now nearing the end of your sophomore year! You will soon be juniors and it is important if you haven't already, to start to look for involvement with volunteering, clubs, sports, or employment opportunities!

Step I: Log into your Naviance account via the CHS website, click “For Students”, then “Naviance”

Step II: Go to: “About Me” and then click on “Resume” – start by adding all your extra- curricular activities in “Build Your Resume.”   When you are done with adding information then use the customize tab to complete your resume. In the future you can continue to add to your resume as needed through Naviance and are encouraged to do so!

Step III: Complete today's reflective worksheet!

Resume and Reflection Worksheet 

Reflect on your resume, career choice and future college or post high school plan. What can you do now to enhance your chances of succeeding in your chosen field? Is there an activity, volunteer opportunity or club that you should participate in now that will help you explore or develop your interests?

Step IV: Complete the Sophomore Workshop Exit Sheet.

While in Naviance, click the "About Me" tab. On the left side you will see "Survey's to take." Click "Sophomore Career Series Exit Survey."

This is your completion ticket for the Sophomore Workshop Series. If you have additional time, go back on to naviance or My Next Move and explore!