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Safe Grad 2023

 A 30+ year tradition at Conard, Safe Grad night is a drug and alcohol-free, post-graduation celebration that will bring seniors together for one last memorable event. The evening is funded by parents, community members and local businesses and cannot take place without their active participation.

Fundraising continues right up until the day of the party! Free-will donations from individuals and families are always welcomed. We gladly accept a tax deductible check, gift cards for the kids, that are given out at the Party!

Your donations will help us transform the school with decorations, music, games, and activities that run from 10:00 pm through 5:00 am! The kids can look forward to winning Prizes such as televisions, cameras, iPads, Kindle or Nooks, iTunes cards, VISA gift cards, gift certificates, store gift certificates for college items such as rugs, linens, decorations, etc. are also popular!

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Safe Grad Calendar for Upcoming Events

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