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Our mission is to promote a positive environment for students at Conard High School by providing a forum for open communication between parents, teachers and school administrators and by funding educational programs for the school community.

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The PTO distributes important information via the E-News, provides an opportunity for Conard Families to keep current on issues at school through Parent Principal Forum meetings and facilitates parent participation at school. We support student enrichment programs throughout the school year.

We invite all families to support the PTO mission through payment of your annual dues. The requested PTO dues is $20. Your paid dues will entitle you to the Conard Directory, available at the Open House September 25th or thereafter in the school office. The Conard Directory contains family and staff contacts, PTO contacts, school, town and testing calendars and PTO sponsored events calendar.

The PTO dues are the major source of funds which allow us to financially support requests throughout the year for Teacher Wish Lists, Student Groups, Year End Awards, Speakers and activities identified throughout the year by the administration and teachers benefiting our students! Last year your generosity of donations matched by your employers allowed us to expand our support of the Conard Community!

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In recent years we were able to fund several teacher grant requests, the year-end student awards, donations to student groups, the teacher's back to school luncheon, Teacher Appreciation Day, Senior Breakfast at the Safe Grad Party, College Panel Night, Conards Best Kept Secrets, West Hartford Scholarship Fund, War-Chief Sports Council and town wide charities such as the Foundation for WH Public Schools,  The Mayor's Charity Ball, Children's Charity Ball, WHCTV (WHCI), Community of Concern and more.

PT Council

The PTC is a group that meets approximately once a month during the school year to discuss matters that impact the entire school district. Each meeting generally has a primary topic, followed by an informal Q&A/discussion with the Superintendent. The meeting is not designed to be open to the public – it is an opportunity for each school’s representative to participate in a dialogue with school district leadership and the other schools' representatives, then communicate back to their school community on those discussions.

PTC representatives are expeced to attend and have active participation in the monthly meetings, followed by reporting out on the meeting’s content to their school’s community. In addition, the PTC regularly gets information on other activities going on throughout the district – representatives are expected to timely pass that information on to their school communities as well. Please feel free to reach out to Conard’s rep; Kate Blair-Dixon or Steve Deane who is the Chair of PT Council at