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February News
February News

With semester one behind us we would like to remind you of a few things:

Seniors are encouraged to keep their School Counselor informed of all college admissions decisions. Not only do we enjoy hearing about our students’ admissions status, but it is also essential to our record keeping and it plays a vital role in our ability to counsel future students.  To keep us informed, seniors should contact their counselor and/or our secretary, Mrs. Baril ( All admission decisions are kept confidential!  

Transcripts reflecting first semester grades will be automatically forwarded to colleges for all seniors in mid-February. For students who plan to apply to college but have not done so, it’s important to see your counselor ASAP. In addition, students who do not plan to apply to college should talk to their counselor about other options for next year. Remember, we are here to help you!

Now is the time to be looking at scholarships. Scholarship opportunities will continue to be uploaded onto Naviance so check the site often. You may also check with Mrs. Shaffer in the College/Career Resource Center for any questions about scholarships. There are other resources for Seniors to look at scholarships online; FastWeb is a great example of one that has numerous scholarships available.

Here’s to a great final semester of high school!


Welcome to Semester 2!!! 

This month marked the start of Junior Planning Seminars and individual meetings. Every Wednesday, during quarter 3, students participate in a class to assist with preparing for their post high school plans. The School Counseling Department has sent a Google Doc link to the entire junior class and junior parents/guardians that contains a timeline of our Junior Seminar series and important information on topics that are being covered. Please make sure you are checking your student email regularly to receive up to date notifications and invitations to important events that are coming up. If you have any questions or concerns ,contact your school counselor. 


Believe it or not - Sophomores are now more than 3/8 of the way through their high school career and this time next year, they will have formally begun the college search process. Students were recently provided with course registration information during their morning advisory and will have until February 11th to enter their initial course selections in PowerSchool. As we enter “course selection season”, it is important that students choose an appropriately challenging course of studies. Balance is key!  For some - that might mean backing off a little bit, for others - it means adding some courses that might push them into a new comfort zone. Yet - for most, it will be to simply maintain their current strength. An analogy we often use is that choosing course selection is like only having one chance to go up to the buffet table. Many get there and everything looks extremely tasty - and they’re really hungry. So, they fill up their plate with everything that looks good - and grab a huge piece of dessert on their way to the dining table. But, then you sit down and you think - “How am I going to eat all of this?” Students need to be careful about taking everything that looks good, because in its totality, that plate of classes can be too much to handle. Conversely of course, students need to choose enough to be satisfied and truly nourished. Again - balance is key!

All sophomores will be scheduled for individual course selection meetings with their school counselor over the next few months. At this time, counselors will formally review students’ course selections for next year and help make recommendations and/or changes as needed. Each year, as students move towards graduation, they have more and more choices of which courses to take (no English 11 after simply taking a form of English 9 and 10). Most of the requirements for graduation are front loaded, so choosing the right classes becomes increasingly nuanced as the years go on. Please be in touch with your respective school counselor if you have any questions at all about the process or want to discuss the best “course” of action.


Happy February!

Congratulations on completing your first semester at Hall High School. We are now officially more than half-way through the school year! Spring is right around the corner!!!

We hope that you enjoyed the Freshmen Seminar series and that you learned many valuable tools to help you throughout high school. February is an exciting time of year! The course registration portal is open through February 11, 2018. You should be reviewing your course recommendations with your parents/guardians and register for classes before the 02/11/18. Please note that Mrs. Alix and Mr. Suchocki are available if you have any questions (we will be checking in on your course selection over the next few weeks).

February is also a good time to meet with your teachers to review your midterm exams to see how you can improve for the second semester. For those of you that still have not gotten involved in extracurricular activities, registration for spring sports opens in February. Next, ANY TIME is a great time to join a school club

Lastly, we hope that you shared your PSAT scores with your parents/guardians and that you have linked your PSAT scores with Khan Academy. Please see Mrs. Alix or Mr. Suchocki is you need any assistance with this process.