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November 2017 News
November 2017 News

Phew! October flew right by! Approximately 40% of the senior class submitted college applications early. The School Counseling office (and your teachers) have worked furiously to complete letters of recommendations on time. Make sure you stop by and let your counselor know when you start receiving decisions from your schools. Good, bad or indifferent, we still want to hear from you!

For everyone else who is in the midst of the process, don't worry! You are not far behind. Make sure that if you have not yet met with your counselor for a planning meeting that you come by for an appointment. Please see Mrs. Baril, our secretary, and she will schedule you to see your counselor! Our goal is that everyone graduate with a plan, so let us help you look at the bigger picture!

The next round of deadlines are December 1st and December 15th. If this is one of your application deadlines, you will need to submit letter of recommendation requests and transcript requests by November 10th and November 17th respectively.

For students who are submitting a second transcript request form, be sure to notify your teachers of the additional school names so they can appropriately send your letter.

As the first quarter has come to a close, the school counselors would like to remind juniors that now is a good time to reflect on their progress in the classroom as well as their involvement in the co-curricular life at Hall and our community. It is never too late to become involved and join an activity. Additionally, there are multiple resources available to help students improve in their academic subjects as well as support a myriad of students' interests. Below is a quick look at some of the resources available. Juniors are always welcome to schedule an appointment with their counselor for assistance with accessing these resources and/or for any academic or social/emotional support.
  • Teachers: often available for extra help before or after school.
  • Homework Center: Quiet hours and tutoring support in the Hall Library from 2:30 pm-4:00 pm (Wed.1:00 pm-3:00 pm).
  • Writing Center: Open Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Friday's/every period in the English Dept. wing - students can get editing/revising help from an English teacher!
  • Career Center: Provides information about school clubs/activities and jobs/volunteer opportunities.
  • Peer Tutors: Please contact your school counselor to receive a form to request a peer tutor from the National Honor's Society.
  • Hall website: Comprehensive website that includes information for students about sports registration, student activities, school calendar of events, and more!

As the first quarter has come to a close, it's an important reminder to sophomores that the number one determinant for college admissions is one's high school transcript. The first quarter though is only 40% of your semester grade. If you are pleased with how you've done - maintain. If you are disappointed, take those steps to improve your grade by meeting with your teacher and perhaps changing certain habits that could lead to greater success. And for those looking for ways to best prepare for upcoming standardized tests (eg. SAT and ACT), again -the research says, "Do well in school". The courses you are taking are preparing you as well as anything for future success on standardized tests. That said, if you can build in some "recreational" reading, that can go a long was as well.

Quarter 2 Progress Reports will be here before you know it as they are due on December 13th (barring any snow days).

Happy November! It's hard to believe that the first quarter is over on November 6th.

We hope that you are now comfortable at Hall High School and that you have become active in your school community. We encourage all students to join a sport or club (registration for Winter sports is open through the end of the month) and students can join a club anytime (information for athletics, clubs, and activities is available on the Hall High School website).

At this time, many of you have met with your school counselors. Please remember to check your WHPS email regularly, as we continue to schedule individual freshman meetings - we want to get to know you! We also hope that you have been enjoying the Freshman Seminar series that the counselors have been facilitating. As we move through the second quarter, counselors will start to focus on skills that can help you with gearing up for your mid-term exams in January.