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The mission of the secondary science program is to educate all students to be scientifically literate and responsible citizens.
The goal of science education is to  develop scientifically literate citizens who understand and apply the knowledge and processes of science. It encourages a positive attitude toward solving problems and a curiosity to understand and appreciate the impact of science and technology on the natural world and on society.

Science is more than a body of facts, a set of principles, or a collection of sophisticated tools. It is a structured, creative, and active method of asking and answering questions. An effective framework for teaching science must be based on knowledge of scientific principles and on an understanding of logical thought processes. Effective science education requires a developmentally appropriate and sequential program that stresses problem solving and inquiry through laboratory experiences and a variety of learning activities. Effective science education will help students become informed adults capable of responsible decisions, independent action and teamwork. It will enable all students to develop an understanding of the interconnections between science and technology and the shared human responsibility to preserve and improve life on earth. The courses below are available in the grade levels indicated, please see the full description of each course for specific prerequisites and details.


Rachel Caravella

Science Teacher

Mariah Cruz

Science Teacher

Timothy Decker

Biology Teacher

McKenna Driscoll

Science Teacher

Patrick Foley

Biology Teacher

Clare Gonzalez

Science Teacher

Leslie Hadra

Chemistry Teacher

Virgil Handberry

Biology Teacher, Marine Science Teacher

Alexis Krantz

Biology Teacher

Katie Langley

Physics Teacher

Alison Lucas

Science Department Supervisor

Bonnie Mayer

Biology Teacher, Chemistry Teacher

Michael McGarry

Earth Science Teacher

Nora McHugh

Science Teacher

Brad Normand

Science Teacher

Andrew Plantz

Biology Teacher

Kyle Triplett

Chemistry & Physics Teacher

Lauren Zielinski

Science Teacher
School: ext. 6123