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The Children's Place


"Play is the work of the child." Maria Montessori

The Children’s Place is a laboratory preschool and integral part of the Introduction to Early Childhood and Early Childhood Education & Careers courses at Conard High School.

In this authentic setting Conard students are the student teachers working with children under the supervision of Family & Consumer Sciences teacher, Jennifer Vauter. The classroom is set up in the format of a preschool classroom and includes Dramatic Play, Book Nook, and the Writing and Art area, to name a few.” There is also a large, enclosed courtyard area for outside play.  To complete this dynamic program there is an observation room available for parents and students to note learning styles and interactions between the children and teachers.

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Introduction to Early Childhood

.5 Credit
Grades 9-12 
Prerequisite: None

In this course students will learn about prenatal development and care through infancy and toddler-hood. Topics include pregnancy, milestones, patterns of child development, and influences of heredity and environment on the developing child. Students taking this course will develop a greater understanding and insight into a child's behavior. Students will operate an authentic laboratory preschool which will provide opportunities to observe and teach children from the community. This course is appropriate for all Family & Consumer Sciences students and is especially relevant for those who have a career interest in education, child care, medicine, social work and/or law.

Early Childhood Careers & Education

.5 Credit
Grades 9-12
Prerequisite: Introduction to Early Childhood

Students in this course will build upon the concepts covered in Introduction to Early Childhood. This careers and education course allows students to follow the development of the child through the preschool years by studying the theories and practices of childcare and preschool education. Other topics may include health and safety, proper nutrition, family challenges, and special needs. This course exposes students to a variety of teaching approaches designed to stimulate the young child in the student run laboratory preschool. Students will explore careers related to children and their care.