Career & Technical Education (CTE)

The mission of the Career & Technical Education department is to integrate core academics with 21st century skills that develop and empower problem solvers through critical and analytical thinking.

Department Goals:

  • Continued implementation of the Rigorous Curriculum Design model
  • Improve instructional practice through the use of embedded formative assessment.  Investigate and implement effective strategies and best practices related to formative assessment within course teams
  • Continued development of common assessments through crosstown collaboration
  • Continued growth on the Perkins CTE Federal Assessment
  • Foster opportunities for teachers to engage in discipline specific training and in the collaboration of best practices

The Career & Technical Education department is a consortium of the Business & Finance, Family & Consumer Sciences and Technology & Engineering departments. As comprehensive, standards-based instructional programs the focus of CTE is to enable students to demonstrate individual creativity and achievement through the use of advanced technologies and 21st century skills. Through the use of Mac and PC computer labs, authentic pre-schools, culinary labs, 3D printers and manufacturing labs, CTE students cultivate skills that improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities. CTE students routinely participate in problem-solving activities that reflect current workplace practices and develop career awareness, time management and communication skills. In collaboration with School Counseling and Advisory, students will work to establish a four-year Student Success Plan (SSP) based on their career aspirations and interests. The SSP guides students toward skill development that aligns with college and career preparation. Specific career clusters and their associated pathways are highlighted below.

Business & Finance 

Pathways for Business & Finance and Communications

Family & Consumer Science

Pathways for Health Sciences & Human Services, Hospitality & Tourism, and Manufacturing Logistics

Technology & Engineering

Pathways for Communications, Manufacturing Logistics, and CTE STEM


Astronomy, Computer Science & Engineering (ACE)

Club Adviser: Anthony Truss
School: Conard High School
Current Members: 65+

Astronomy, Computer Science & Engineering Mission Statement:

  • ACE strives to facilitate the learning of, exposure to, and the application of:
    • Astronomy
    • Computer Science
    • Engineering / Architecture 

Through design and the creation of unique collaborative projects ACE club members seek to build a strong foundation for careers in the ever-growing STEM fields.

ACE is making efforts to become affiliated with TSA, and offer TSA to ACE club members.

Want to Join?
ACE & TSA is open to all students year round, at any time; Commitment however is conducive to the creation and completion of projects.

Stop down to Rm.196 at Conard to learn more.

When do we meet?:

There are three meeting dates per week, and these dates will be decided upon at a later date once we hold our first meeting.

Conard Business Club

Business Club Advisor: Ms. Holly Ruiz


College Careers Pathways (CCP)

College Career Pathways Program

The College Careers Pathways (CCP) mission is an extension of Capital Community College’s efforts to provide access to higher education to the diverse residents of the greater Hartford region.  CCP extends the college community to area high schools by offering students the opportunity to earn college credits concurrent with credits toward their high school diploma.  In offering a college level experience to students at the secondary level, CCP courses serve to enhance students’ academic success and independence and to foster skills that will serve students as members of our future workforce. The College Career Pathways program is only available for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students.

WHPS offers dual credit options in five courses:

  • Accounting I 
  • Game & Web Design 
  • Financial Literacy 
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing 
  • Algebra II - Level 1 or 2 

Contact a CTE teacher or your School Counselor for information on this dual credit, college enrollment program.

Job Shadow, Internship and Mentoring

Carol Wilkas

REACH, Business Education/Career Pathways Coordinator, District Mentor Coordinator