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Our music programs provide a rich and rigorous experience for students. 


Prepare to be amazed at the talent on stage, in the pit, and technically with the set, lights, costumes, and sound.

Visual Arts

Create, connect, respond, present!

The Arts are essential to the core educational experience of all children. They consist of unique disciplines that foster multiple intelligences, and build the bridges that strengthen bonds between cultures and generations. The nurturing of every student’s ability to perform, create, and respond to the Arts empowers and encourages the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of all children.

Through Arts education children learn responsibility, self-discipline, commitment, and collaboration, which are key attributes of successful learners. Furthermore, higher order thinking skills that include evaluation, analysis, and synthesis, are constantly engaged as students reflect on the Arts, aspire to reach performance standards, and learn to make qualitative judgments.

The Arts are an integral part of a child’s education. Participation in the Arts fosters communication and understanding of ourselves and those around us. Skills learned through the Arts reinforce and improve learning in many subject areas such as reading, language, and physical education. It is through the Arts that students experience the culture and aesthetics that enrich all aspects of life.