Clubs and Activities

If you are interested in forming a club, you may obtain a New Club Request Form in the College/Career Center. Before a club can become official, you will need a name and description, meeting day and time, at least 10 interested students, and the name and signature of a faculty member who has agreed to be the adviser. Return the completed form to Ms. Barry in the Career Center. It will then be submitted for administrator approval. You will be notified when your club has been approved.

Marisa Barry

Student Activities Director

Action Club

Advisor: Calhoun


Meeting Day: Monday


Frequency: Weekly


Location:Library Tech Lab


The Action Club is for students who are interested in social justice and want to learn how to make Conard a more inclusive, prejudice-free school. Students who attend Action Club are given priority in attending NCCJ BRIDGES and ANYTOWN programs.

ACE: Astronomy, Computer and Engineering Club

Advisor: Truss


Meeting Day: Friday


Frequency: Weekly


Location: Room 197


Last year the club competed in a national competition that involved designing and building a rocket that went 845 feet, and delivered an egg payload unbroken, with a total flight and recovery time of 45 seconds. We also flew radio controlled airplanes.

African American Cultural Society

Advisor: Tonucci/Hines


Meeting Day: Wednesday


Frequency: Weekly


Location: Library Tech Lab


This club will provide the opportunity for students to become change agents at a global level as well as to contribute to the systemic change through the inclusion and celebration of African American culture while recognizing its influence in American society as a whole.  

Anime Club

Advisor: Tonucci


Meeting Day: Tuesday


Frequency: Weekly


Location: Library Tech Lab


The Conard Anime Club is a student-led organization consisting of members from all grades. Students can chat and share their love of Japanese pop culture as well as other graphic phenomena, including webcomics and cartoons. They will participate in various activities such as reading manga, watching anime, drawing, creating videos, and fandub. Conard Anime encourages cosplay, and will attend the ConnectiCon convention in July.

Bits and Bytes

Advisor: Corricelli


Meeting Day: Friday


Frequency: Every other week


Location: Room 167


Our main focus is to educate fourth graders with simple coding languages, teaching them how the program works, an understanding of concepts surrounding coding, and a love for computer science. More information:

Bringing Back the Oldies Music

Advisor: Lea


Meeting Day: TBD




Location: Room 141


Our aim is to educate kids from this generation about types of music ranging from the 60's to the 90's. In addition, we hope the members of our group can bring their knowledge of music to the table.

Business Club

Advisor: Ruiz


Meeting Day: TBD




Location: Room 103


Exploring the business world, with a concentration on planning and attending a trip to the financial district in New York City. Organizer of Dodgeball Inferno, Conard's premier extra-curricular tournament

Chinese Club

Advisor: Theodorou


Meeting Day: Tuesday


Frequency: Weekly


Location: Room 356


Students can learn how to write in and practice their Chinese calligraphy and painting. Anyone wanting to learn about Chinese culture and the arts can join!

Community Service Club

Advisor: Beattie-DeWitt/Esposito


Meeting Day: TBD


Frequency: Once a month


Location: Room 168


Each month, we pick a different organization to support and work on a project related to their cause.

Conard Young Democrats

Advisor: Esposito/Oberst


Meeting Day: Wednesday


Frequency: Weekly (and as announced)


Location: Room 168


Conard’s political activism club that helps democratic candidates and campaigns in Connecticut through phone banks, canvasses, and more.

Conard’s Up-Cycling and Thrifting Club

Advisor: Geyer


Meeting Day: Monday


Frequency: Every other week


Location: Room 142


Members of the club donate clothes they are no longer using to people who need it and recreate clothing into something new. Members are responsible for providing their own materials.

Culinary Club

Meeting Day: Friday


Frequency: Once a month


Location: Room 152


Our club learns to bake different foods each month and tries different cuisines. Students are responsible for paying a fee for groceries by the Wednesday before each meeting.

Discussion Club

Advisor: Kempf


Meeting Day: Tuesday


Frequency: Every other week


Location: Room 214


Discussion club is a bi weekly discussion group with no set categories. Topics are presented to the group at the beginning of the session and are intended to spiral into other topics.

Drama Club

Advisor: Kravetz


Meeting Day: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


Frequency: Fall and Spring


Location: Black Box


Ten-week activity producing a fall play before Thanksgiving for those interested in acting and technical crew; stage crew also works the Spring Musical January through March.

Environmental Club

Advisor: Mr. McGarry
Meetings: Select days after school

Our plan is to get students together to discuss and make strides to help maintain a non-polluted and healthy environment. We will come up with ways to make Conard more environmentally friendly, such as informing students on what can and cannot be recycled and consider creating a school composting system.

Future Educators of Diversity

Advisor: Hines


Meeting Day: Thursday


Frequency: Every other week


Location: Room 271


The mission of Future Educators of Diversity is to attract, recruit, prepare and inspire West Hartford high school students of color (for example: African American, Latino, Asian, Native American, or multiracial) with an interest in the field of education by providing educational and career pathways, stimulating learning experiences, and adult mentors.

Game Club

Advisor: Mealy


Meeting Day: Friday


Frequency: Weekly


Location: Cafeteria


We play games like Magic: The Gathering, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., and strategy board games in a fun, casual atmosphere.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance

Advisor: Calhoun/Deep-McNamara


Meeting Day: Thursday


Frequency: Every other week


Location: Room 151


A school-based opportunity to bring all students together regardless of their gender identity or sexuality. This is a safe environment for discussions, education, support, and activism. Activities include movies, guest speakers, and student planned projects.

Go Club

Advisor: Houlihan


Meeting Day: Friday


Frequency: Weekly


Location: Room 176


We play the ancient Chinese strategy game Go for about an hour. We offer different varieties of gameplay, such as board size.

Habitat for Humanity

Advisor: Mr Bassi
Meetings: TBD

The goal of Habitat for Humanity club is to raise funds and assist our parent organization in building houses for local families in need.

Hiking Club

Advisor: Tanya Kempf

When does this activity meet?  Every other Wednesday in room 214.

What is the focus of this activity?  Every other Wednesday, we meet in Ms. Kempf's room and decide where we would like to hike on a weekend day of our choice.

History Day Club

Advisor: Blitzer


Meeting Day: TBD


Frequency: Once a month


Location: Room 102


This club will meet to discuss historical topics and events.  Members will also be preparing for the National History Day Competition and can collaborate with each other or simply make suggestions to help everyone improve their projects.  We will examine the NHD theme and explore topics that relate to this.

Human Rights Club

Advisor: Ms. Esposito
Meetings: Twice a month in Room 168

This club's goal is to form a group of students that want to learn and inform others of issues that are challenging human rights around the world. We promote civic discourse on these topics.

International Thespian Society Troupe #8004

Advisor: Corinne Kravetz

Conard Troup #8004 of the International Thespian Society is an honors organization for students of theatre. Students gain access to the group by demonstration of their commitment to Conard theatre, both on and off stage. The students accrue hours based on parts/tech work and need to have 100 hours to be inducted into the society. In order to remain in good standing with the society, the students must continue to demonstrate a continued commitment to theatre.

Investigative History Club

Advisor: Mr. Islaub
Meets bi-weekly on Mondays during the winter and on Wednesdays in the spring

In our club, we will examine history in different perspectives, as well as discuss popular conspiracy theories. Each time we meet, we will discuss a different topic, which will allow members to share their views on history, as well as learn from each others' research.

Junior Class Board

Advisors: Ashley Theroux, Cindy Vranich
When does this activity meet? Meetings are held at the convenience of the Board, usually once or twice a month.

What is the focus on this activity? Plan and implement school activities for juniors with the primary focus on the Junior Prom.

Library Book Club

Advisor: Rachel Tonucci

When does this activity meet? Last Thursday of every month in the library tech lab

What is the focus of this activity? Each month we discuss a different book that the group chooses together. We also recommend individual books to each other as well as post book reviews.

Link Crew

Advisor; Kristin Mangini, Ron Wziontko, Kate Deane, Courtney Heuitson

When and where you meet: Weekly During Homeroom

Description of your club: Link Crew is a club made up of juniors and seniors. Through and application and interview process upperclassman are selected to participate as Link Leaders. These Link Leaders help with Freshmen Orientation and also check in with 9th graders throughout the school year. This club is designed to help freshmen transition to Conard by feeling they have upperclassman that can support them and answer their questions.

Math Team

Advisor: Noah Mealy

When does this activity meet? Thursday afternoons every week in room 170.

What is the focus of this activity? We compete in the Capital Area Mathematics League. Math Team meets are held the second Wednesday of each month with approximately 20 other high schools in the Capital area.

Mock Trial

Advisors: Chris Islaub, Mimi Hostetter

When does this activity meet? Evenings on days announced.

What is the focus of this activity? Sponsored by the CT Bar Association, this is a group of students who are interested in learning more bout court procedure. The team practices through March in preparation for the mock trial competition with schools throughout the state.

Model UN

Advisors: Steve Kowal, Alison Peake


When does this activity meet? Mondays right after school in the room 302.

What is the focus of this activity? The club teaches students to work cooperatively, teaches public speaking, affords contact with students from other states and other countries, and teaches clear and concise expression through speaking and writing.

Multicultural Club

Advisor: Holly Banak

When does this activity meet?  Tuesdays at 2:30 in room 305

What is the focus of this activity?  To recognize and raise the awareness of different cultures and the diversity at Conard

National Art Honor Society

Advisor: Brigid Kennedy

When does this activity meet? Mondays from 2:30 - 3:45 in room 182

What is the focus of this activity? began in 1978 and is designed specifically for high school students in grades 9-12. Its purpose is to inspire and recognize students who have shown an outstanding ability and interest in art. The NAHS strives to aid members in attaining the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service, and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community.

Current Projects include:

  • Murals
  • Sculpture created for the 43rd annual festival of Trees and Traditions
  • Artwork recognizing service and support in the Conard community
  • Fundraisers

National Honor Society (NHS)

Advisors: Carrie Hess-Marcoux and Dan Marcoux

Meeting Dates:
Save these Dates! Put reminders in your phones, agendas, calendars... If you are out sick or have an appointment and come to school late please email us that day or forward a copy of your parent note. Otherwise, attendance is mandatory! SRP late arrival does not excuse you from these meetings. ALL meetings are on Thursday mornings (except for one) and are in room 169 from 7:05 am to 7:30 am. Doors close on time and if the door is shut you will not be allowed in. 

11/20/19 this is a Wednesday
5/21/20 this will be for new inductees ONLY  

Constitution of the National Honor Society

NHS Bylaws

All meetings require mandatory attendance unless you have an excused absence. Please see Ms. Hess in room 113 if you cannot get here for the morning meetings.

NHS Selection Process


  • Attendance: Candidates must have been in satisfactory attendance at Conard High School the equivalent of two semesters.
  • Class in School: Candidates must be members of the junior class at the time of selection.
  • Scholarship: Candidates must have/maintain a cumulative scholastic average of at least 3.7
  • Leadership: Leadership roles in both school and community may be considered, provided they can be verified.
  • Service: The student must have been active in service projects in the school and community.
  • Character: Character is measured in terms of respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship. The faculty council will consider the positive aspects of character as well as the negative character traits.

Selection Procedure

  • Five CHS faculty members will be chosen to serve on a faculty council. The NHS advisor(s) will serve as a non-voting member. Additional insight about candidates may come from club leaders, school faculty, and school administrators.
  • All non-members who meet the standards for attendance, class in school, and scholarship above will be invited to complete an application packet.
  • Students who seek membership will submit completed application packets to the NHS advisor(s). The advisor(s) will convene a meeting of the faculty council.
  • The faculty council may interview all students who submit completed applications for the purpose of clarifying or expanding upon information in the application packet. No candidate shall be excluded for a lack of public speaking ability or poise.
  • The faculty council will also survey pertinent records maintained by school officials about student behavior.
  • All faculty members will be invited to make comments on the candidates.
  • All judgments of the faculty council will be free of hearsay and rumor.
  • After gathering information as described above, the faculty council will vote on granting membership to each student. A majority will prevail.

Outdoor Club

Advisors: Virgil Handberry, Marcy Zacchea

When does this activity meet? First Monday of every month at 2:30pm in room 123.

What is the purpose of this activity? For the avid outdoors-person who enjoys fishing and hiking.

Parachute Improv Club

Advisor: Kravetz


Meeting Day: Wednesday


Frequency: Weekly


Location: Black Box


Improv Club is a place where students come to participate in the activity of improvisation. Improvisation is where players perform in scenes with no script or direction, spontaneously generating characters and story.

Ping Pong Club

Advisor: Mike McGarry

When does this activity meet? Mondays in the cafeteria from 2:30 to 3:30pm.

What is the focus of this activity? To practice playing ping pong and become a better ping pong player.

Pre-Med Club

Advisor: Dr. Mayer

Meets: Every other Monday at 2:30 in Room 241

Pre-Med Club discusses anatomy, physiology, healthcare careers and ethics.  It's a chance for students who are interested in the Medical field to convene and learn together.

Public Speaking Club

Advisor: Tanya Kempf

When does this activity meet? Every other Monday from 2:20 - 3:15 in room 214.

What is the focus of this activity? This club aims to enhance the public speaking skills of its members. Through various activities members will become more comfortable when speaking to an audience.

RZVAC Red Zone Video Announcement Club

Advisor: Dana Martin 

The Red Zone Video Announcement Club (RZVAC) was created for the purpose of showcasing events that occur within the Conard school community as well as to advertise for upcoming events. We hope these videos connect students and provide opportunities for them to get involved within the school community.  These video announcements are shown during the Red Zone Advisory period.

RZVAC meets on Tuesdays at 2:30 in the third floor computer lab.  Students who are interested should contact Mrs. Martin in Room 352 or email her at

Rock Climbing Club

Advisor: Posner


Meeting Day: Tuesday


Frequency: Once a month


Location: Room 304


The Rock Climbing Club's mission is to introduce rock climbing to students and give them opportunities to experience the sport.

Science Olympiad

Advisor: Bonnie Mayer

When does this activity meet? Every other Tuesday in room 241.

What is the focus of this activity? Researching to prepare for the Division C competition in March. More information about the competition

Senior Class Board

Advisors: Karen Contorno, Nicole Niland

When does this activity meet? As scheduled

What is the focus of this activity? Coordinate senior class activities

Sign Language Club

Advisor: Mick Posner

When does this activity meet? Every Thursday, after school, in room 304.

What is the focus of this activity? To introduce students to deaf culture, American Sign Language, and the expression of ASL in conjunction with the arts (music, poetry, etc.)

Society of Physics

Advisor: Gail Banwell

When does this activity meet? Fridays after school in room 273

What is the focus of this activity? We will discuss different physical topics not usually taught in a standard high school class. Topics will include Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics, and String Theory. There will also be experiments, simulations, and projects based on techniques used at prestigious universities. A strong proficiency in mathematics is helpful, but not required.

Sports Debating Club

Advisor: Dan Marcoux

Meets every two weeks after school on Tuesday in room 113

"Inspired by ESPN's First Take, we are a high intensity, fun and friendly club for passionate sports fans at Conard. We will host debates that result in winners and prizes."

Stock Market Investing Club

Advisor: O’Connor


Meeting Day: Thursday


Frequency: Every other week


Location: Library Tech Lab


This club is designed to help students learn basic investing skills and strategies that will help them become intelligent and successful investors. Furthermore, we will teach students a method to earn a side income and help them develop crucial skills from an early stage.

Student Council

Advisors: Kelly Casey, Matt Collins

How do you become a member? Any student who wants to be active in leading, creating, and inspiring the Conard community is welcome. The Executive Board is elected and they help set the agenda for the year. Student Council plays an active role in 9th Grade Orientation.

When does this activity meet? At least once every two weeks, usually after school and occasionally during the school day. The Council will also meet as needed to solve problems and plan significant events.

What is the focus of this activity? To give students a voice in shaping the Conard community through service, community building, fundraising, and being the voice for students with the administration. Student Council members lead by example.

TSA Technology Student Association

Advisor: Mr. Tony Truss

When does this activity meet? We meet 2 times a month to discuss business items, and 4 days a week as needed per student group for support and project development. Room 197.

What is the focus of this activity? Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); members apply and integrate these concepts through co-curricular activities, competitions, and related programs.

Please email with any questions regarding Conard's TSA chapter.

The Feminist Coalition (FemCo)

Advisor: Beattie-DeWitt


Meeting Day: Thursday


Frequency: Every other week


Location: Room 173


The Feminist Coalition, or FemCo, is a place where students can learn more about intersectional feminism and speak safely and openly about feminism and the issues surrounding feminism. It is a platform for students to spread awareness and take action in their community to address these issues.

Underclassman Board

Advisors: Abby Esposito and Christopher Islaub

When does the activity meet? As scheduled by the advisers. 

What is the focus of this activity? Fundraising for the freshmen class and organizing class activities.

Unified Basketball

Coaches: Kerrie Massaro, Tom Verrengia, Josh Greenberg

What is the focus of this activity? We will practice basic skills, play games, and meet lots of new friends from Conard and Hall. Everyone is welcome to join. No basketball experience is necessary, just wear your sneakers!

Unified Business Club

Advisor: Ruggiero


Meeting Day: TBD




Location: Room 181


This club pairs students with and without disabilities who then work to create a "microbusiness" based on the student's interests and hobbies.

Unified Soccer

Advisors: Greenberg/Massaro/Verrengia


Meeting Day: Thursday


Frequency: Fall Only


Location: Gym


We will practice basic skills, play games, and meet lots of new friends from Conard and Hall. Everyone is welcome to join. No basketball experience is necessary, just wear your sneakers!

Unified Theater

Advisor: Keely Connery

How do you become a member? Pre-register online in March.

When does this activity meet? Spring. April - June. 2 days per week (usually Mon/Wed) 6-8pm.

What is the focus of this activity? Students of all abilities, interests, and backgrounds come together as equals to put on a theatrical production. The production is entirely organized, written, and directed by the students themselves.

West Hartford Public Schools Peer Mentor Program

Carol Wilkas, District Coordinator

A fall training session is held for interested students (9-12). Once trained, high school students are matched and meet weekly with either middle or elementary students for the school year.

Women in STEM (WiSTEM)

Advisor: Corricelli


Meeting Day: TBD


Frequency: Weekly


Location: Room 167


We are an club that believes more perspectives means more problems are solved. We meet to learn some programming. We serves as mentors for students in elementary schools. We organize events to encourage more women to see themselves in STEM fields.  More information:

World Language Honor Society

Advisors: Dana Martin, Lynn Racz

When does this club meet? TBA


Advisors: Holly Ruiz

See Ms. Ruiz in room 103 if you are interested in helping with the yearbook.

Parachute Improv Club Students
Model UN Students
TSA students
Business Club Students