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This page contains information currently available regarding reunions and Conard alumni events. If you have information on upcoming alumni events please email

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Class Contacts and Upcoming Events

Class of 2011:
Reunion being planned for 2021!
Contact Info: Luke Piscitelli,

Class of 2001:
Contact Info: Emelinda Montanez,

Class of 1996:
Contact Info: Jim Groff,

Class of 1995
Contact info:  Natalie Francis Brown @ 860-840-8867 after 12pm 
Facebook: Class Conard Class of 95

Class of 1994
Contact info:  Angie

Class of 1986:
Facebook: Conard Class of 1986 

Class of 1984 
Contact info: Julie Foster at 757-572-7013 or

Class of 1978:
Contact JoAnn Mindell Eicher, 
Phil Orzech,

Class of 1977: 
Class email:
Conard Class of 1977 Missing Classmates List

Class of 1976
Facebook: Conard High School Class of 1976 

Class of 1975
Contact info:
Facebook:  Conard Class of 1975

Class of 1974
Contact info:

Class of 1973
Contact info: 
Chris (Stiles) Sesta - Chairperson, 860-930-8844
Sossi Derian

Class of 1970, 1971, 1972 
Heather Hess,
Scott Tackus,
Deb Griswold-Meissner,

The class of 1971 is currently planning their 50th reunion in conjunction with the Hall Class of 1971. Many students of this era attended both schools as the new Hall open-ended in 1970. 
We are looking at September of 2021 however with the current Pandemic have not been able to establish a firm date. Any inquiries may be directed to Sally A. Calcaterra  ( ) or Marge Katz Mayock (
We will send you the final date once it is established.
Alumni may also join the Hall Conard Class of 1971 Facebook Page.

Class of 1969
Save the date: Conard/Hall Class of 1969 Joint 50 Year Reunion
After "shopping around" and looking for someplace to make our 50 year reunion something special, we were lucky to land on Wampanoag Country Club right in West Hartford for the evening of Saturday, October 12, 2019. As our paths criss-crossed growing up, we are pleased to come together for this special anniversary event. It is our hope that as many classmates will attend as possible and take advantage of the holiday weekend to enjoy the area and discover how things have changed (or not) in West Hartford. Stay tuned for more details. Any questions, suggestions, ideas, or volunteers, please contact: Amy Frey,, 860-997-3304

Class of 1968
Contact info:

Class of 1966: 
Class website: 
Twitter: @1966Conard

Class of 1965
Email: Contacts: Mark & Ronna Siegal

Class of 1964
Contact info: Eliot (Dick) Reynolds at

Class of 1963:
Facebook: Conard High School Class of '63
Contact: Diane (Gorski) Ballou

Class of 1962:
Charles Claffey

Class of 1959
Contact info: Bernice Kuzma Czertak at

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